Civil Society Engagement and the UNGASS Process: What was decided in Vienna

Civil Society Engagement and the UNGASS Process: What was decided in Vienna

Find out the dates and initial planning of civil society engagement in the UNGASS 2016 process.

Added: 19th March 2015

After 30 hours of negotiation, the L11 Resolution on the Planning of the UNGASS 2016 process was agreed by Member States at the UN on Tuesday 17th March 2015. 

Importantly, the date of the UNGASS was set for 19-21st April 2016.

In terms of civil society engagement, the following was agreed: 

- interactive, multi-stakeholder round tables (no direct reference to civil society, but there is now the precedent from the interactive discussions)

- statements to be made in the general debate by NGOs

- representatives of ECOSOC NGOs are invited to participate in UNGASS, according to the rules of procedure and established practices of the General Assembly

- in accordance with the rules of procedure and practices developed for other special sessions of the GA, the President of the GA, in consultation with the CND, which will take into consideration inputs from other relevant stakeholders, including from civil society, will also draw up a list of representatives of other relevant NGOs, representatives of civil society and the scientific community, academia, youth groups and other relevant stakeholders that may participate in the special session, with due regard to geographical balance.

EURAD as an ECOSOC registered network stands ready to support its members in being represented at the UNGASS 2016 process