EU places further psychoactive substances under control from next month

EU places further psychoactive substances under control from next month

The Council of the European Union has recommended four more substances be placed under control from next month.

10th September 2014

The Council today has published an implementing decision to place the following four new psychoactive substances under EU-wide control within the next 20 days:

- 4-iodo-2,5-dimethoxy-N-(2-methoxybenzyl) phenethylamine(25I-NBOMe);

- 3,4 -dichloro-N-[[1-dimethylamino) cyclohexyl]methyl] benzamide (AH-7921);

- 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV);

- 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone (methoxetamine)

This implementing act comes at a time when the European Commission and Council of the European Union are being put under pressure to complete the legislative process for an updated regulation on new psychoactive substances, which has been under preparation for the last 3 years. 

In the last week, the European Parliament have posed the following questions to the European Commission about its plans to follow through on its task to better tackle the psychoactive substance use trend:

In view of this:

- Has the Commission evaluated the information campaigns funded by it to raise awareness among young people regarding new legal psychoactive substances in particular and is it planning to widen the scope thereof, earmarking additional funding for measures producing tangible results?

- Will it take any measures to restrict online access for juveniles (as with pornography, for example), this being a frequent channel for the supply of such dangerous substances?

- What progress has been made with the proposal for a regulation on new psychoactive substances? Has a timescale been established for the completion thereof?

EURAD will continue to keep you updated with the latest developments in this regard.


The implementing act can be found here