EURAD's Fay Watson presents to the Council of the European Union on UNGASS

On 4th November 2014, EURAD's Fay Watson joined Harm Reduction International's Maria Phelan in presenting recommendations about UN Global Drug Policy to the EU's Horizontal Working Group on Drugs.

13th November 2014

Last week, EURAD's Fay Watson presented alongside Harm Reduction International to the EU's Horizontal Working Group on Drugs. During this meeting, Fay and Maria presented recommendations jointly agreed by the EU Civil Society's Forum on Drugs in relation to the United Nation's General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy (UNGASS) , which is due to take place in New York during 2016.

Recommendations included:

  • The meaningful engagement of civil society organisations during the UNGASS process

  • The need to advocate for public health and socio-economic development and human rights during UNGASS

  • That the EU delegation should strongly support the following human rights aspects: the right to life (advocacy against the use of the death penalty); the need to protect children from the illict use of narcotic drugs; the prevention of children in illicit drug production; the right to a fair trial and proportionate sentencing; the right to non-discrimination and the right to healthcare and treatment (including drug treatment and access to essential medicines for palliative care)

  • That the EU should scale up and address the funding crisis for drug demand reduction services

  • That the EU should call on the WHO to lead on the development of a public health approach to drug policy

  • That the EU should call for a development-oriented approach to drug supply reduction, based on interventions which seek to alleviate wealth inequalities and improve the livelihoods of small rural farmers in drug producing countries.

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