EURAD Film Competition Winner Announced!

"Coming Home", created by Dobber Bolhuis, was chosen by the EURAD jury in The Netherlands to win the national prize in the Erasmus+ Drug Addiction and Awareness in Adults Project Film Competition (Erasmus+ Project Code: 2014-01-TR01-KA204-013144) in May 2016.

19th May 2016

Dobber Bolhuis, a 21 year old film student at Leiden University, has been chosen by EURAD to win The Netherlands national prize of the Drug Addiction and Awareness in Adults (DAWAP) Film Competition, with his entry "Coming Home".

"Coming Home" addresses the relationship between a parent and their child when drug use becomes a problem. When a girl comes home after a night of clubbing her father finds out that she has been doing drugs. Two different scenarios unfold that determine the future of the relationship between the parent and the child.

Dobber will now compete against finalists in Lithuania, Portugal and Turkey in the international competition, which will culminate in an award ceremony in Istanbul, hosted by Yesilay - Turkish Green Crescent Society.

"Coming Home" can be viewed here.

EURAD Film Competition Winner Announced! EURAD Film Competition Winner Announced!

EURAD would like to pass on its thanks to Dobber Bolhuis for his superb creation, as well as thank our jury who participated in the competition:

Alfred Lagerweij (EURAD Member), Sarah Cervantes Lopez (Clinical Psychologist, Independent), Karen Rupp (Nova House, Amsterdam), Veronica Risch (Verslaafd aan Jou, Amsterdam), Martien Kooyman (Drug Free Programmes, The Netherlands), Pim van den Dam (EURAD Board Member), Eberhard Schatz (Correlation, Amsterdam), Kees Eedenburg (EURAD Member) and Rob van Kleef (Independent, The Netherlands).

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