INCB Call For "A Comprehensive, Integrated and Balanced Approach" To Address The World Drug Problem

What The INCB Said In Vienna: Abolish the death penalty, meet your responsibilities for childs rights, how the US and Uruguay are breeching the international drug control conventions and the need for a balanced drug strategy

Source: INCB

Date Published: 19th March 2015

After highlighting the breeches of the UN Drug Conventions by Uruguay and the United States of America, Dr Lochan Naidoo, went on to highlight the need for a comprehensive, integrated and balanced approach to address the world drug problem.

He noted that "Member States have the opportunity to formulate and put into practice a ‘comprehensive, integrated and balanced approach’ to resolving the world drug problem. In the wake of international conflicts, natural disasters and emergency situations, as well as in times of peace, governments are encouraged to take measures to ensure adequate availability of controlled substances to their populations. At the same time, Member States are encouraged by the Board to work together to reduce demand for drugs globally, by tackling the many intersecting socio-economic determinants of illicit demand, as well as supply-side drivers. The Board will continue to work with governments to improve current initiatives, and to develop new online tools to facilitate greater control of the international import and export of scheduled substances. Finally, and crucially, the Board reaffirms its support of human rights standards in the development and implementation of international drug control law and policy. On a shared foundation of respect for human rights, concern for the ‘health and welfare of humankind’, Member States in preparations for 2016 have an opportunity to address the roots of - 7 - the world drug problem, promote compliance with international treaty law, and devise ‘comprehensive, integrated and balanced’ solutions".

During his speech he also called for nations using the death penalty to abolish it for drugs related offences and for governments to meet their obligations in respect to the Convention of the Rights of The Child.

The full speech can be read here on the INCB website.