Overview of United Nations Intersessional Meeting: 23rd October 2014

Overview of United Nations Intersessional Meeting: 23rd October 2014

As the UN and member states begin to prepare for next years UN's Commission of Narcotic Drugs and a global review of drug policies in 2016, EURAD reports on developments

23rd October 2014

Yesterday, the United Nations hosted an intersessional meeting of the UN's Commission of Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna. The main discussions surrounded the format that the United Nations General Assembly Special Session in 2016 would take. Countries spoke up about what they thought should be the priority areas, with alternative development, human rights and gender being highlighted by many of the delegations.

Recently, the Chair of the CND had circulated an informal paper highlighting how he thought the UNGASS should be formatted and what topics should be the main priorities. Whilst many countries agreed with the basic layout and thanked the Chair for his prepartory work, Mexico and Colombia, came with their own paper, highlighting how they thought it should be organised. In effect, there was a push to move away from 6 topic areas towards a more general debate on the international drug control framework.

The EU spoke well as a single voice for EU member states, and reiterated the need to put the death penalty as a sub-topic under the area of Human Rights on the agenda. The representative from China spoke up against this proposed inclusion.

The future dates of the 2015 Commission of Narcotic Drugs were agreed on:

9th - 15/17th March 2015 (with a special segment on UNGASS from 9th - 12th March 2015).