Parents Project: EURAD to host 5 day training session in Amsterdam (21st - 25th September 2015)

Parents Project: EURAD to host 5 day training session in Amsterdam (21st - 25th September 2015)

As part of the Erasmus Project "Drug Addiction Awareness For Adults" which looks at the needs of families where drug use is a problem, EURAD will be hosting a 5-day training package for our international partners.

Aim: The entire project will result in a social media campaign in The Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal and Turkey on the needs of families in those countries. The social media campaign that takes place in each country will be tailored to the problems in that country. During this part of the training which is hosted by EURAD in Amsterdam, the participants will learn about the drug problem in The Netherlands and develop Public Relations skills, which will later be used to enhance their social media campaign.

Programme: During the 5 days, the participants will meet with Yoni Dekker (Government Representative, The Netherlands), Dr Frans Koopmans (De Hoop Foundation), Eberhard Schatz (Correlation Network), Marc Hinfelaar (Edelman Health Amsterdam) and Veronica Risch (Stichting Coke Van Jou). The group will also attend a drug policy conference in the European Parliament to learn about the role of Public Relations in the drug policy field.

Participants: Participants of the project include delegates from Yesilay (Turkish Green Crescent Society), Dianova (Portugal), NTAKK (Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Coalition) and EURAD (Netherlands/Belgium). The representatives from EURAD are Fay Watson (Secretary General, EURAD & Co-ordinator of the project for The Netherlands), Sarah Cervantes Lopez (Clinical Psychologist, Villa Voordman Therapeutic Community) and Alfred Lagerweij (Board Member, Brave Mothers Foundation).

Results: Following this training, delegates will receive one final training component hosted by Dianova (Portugal) which will be co-hosted by the EMCDDA. At the end of the training schedule, participants will begin to design a social media campaign on the topic of support for families in each of the countries, which will be informed by research undertaken with families in those communities. The social media component will run throughout 2016.