Publications about recovery and rehabilitation by the Triple R EU Project

Publications about recovery and rehabilitation by the Triple R EU Project

Triple R is a 2-year long EU project on the exchange of the best practice in the field of recovery between EU member states. The project aims at reducing recidivism and crime in regard to drug addiction and spreading the cost effective and productive models on drug Rehabilitation, social Reintegration and Reinsertion of the drug addicts.

Based on the contributions of Triple R project partners and on the results of an on-line questionnaire, capturing feedbacks, analysis and key concepts about recovery and the different ways to achieve it, reflecting the variety of rehabilitation programs implemented by Triple R project partners, partners have published three publications, also available on the links bellow:

Manual on drug rehabilitation and recovery

Handbook on justice interventions and alternatives to incarceration for drug abuse offenders

Handbook on social reintegration of recovered drug users

We believe these handbooks will be a resourceful tool for knowledge and food for thought for practitioners in the field of addiction, social reinsertion, alternatives to incarceration for drug related offences for policymakers and relevant stakeholders who are interested in exploring models for social reintegration of people experiencing addiction problems, exploring treatment models for inmates with addiction problems, and offering opportunities for recovery and social reinsertion as active members of the society.


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