UNGASS mid-week update

UNGASS mid-week update

3-Day UN Special Session on Drugs started on Tuesday April 19

Civil Society Forum in preparation for the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs took place on Monday 18th April from 10am to 1pm in Conference Room 12 at United Nations Headquarters.  The event was organized by the Government of Sweden and the Civil Society Task Force.

Civil Society Task Force members presented the findings of the CSTF global consultations leading up to the UNGASS, including the Global Civil Society Survey, the regional and thematic consultations and the Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation,as well as to present the “Marketplace” project, a project between the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Voices of Civil Society: Priorities and Recommendations for UNGASS 2016 at Civil Society Forum

EURAD board member, Zoran Jelić, was a speaker at The Civil Society Forum and represented Recovery. He highlighted that Recovery is possible, and it should be the aim of all drug policies. We need to remember that people are the centre of this policy and that sustainable drug policies should range from different types of treatment, and should include government and civil society working together.


The event took place on Wednesday 20 April 2016, between 2:30-3:30 pm at United Nations HQ, New York, Conference Room B. The event is organized by San PatrignanoEURADRUN,  ECAD and WFAD and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Sweden, the Permanent Mission of Croatia and the UNODC. The speakers included Lina Pastorek - Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden, Kerry Kennedy -President of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Rowdy Yates - European Federation of Therapeutic Communities ,Gilberto Gerra – UNODC, Dr. Antonio Boschini - San Patrignano, Colleen Marlett - This is why I fight, Jeffrey Bratton .The event was moderated by EURAD board member Boro Goic. The speakers highlighted that a treatment of substance abuse is an investment, not a waste. Addiction has three components, a physical, an environmental and a spiritual/existential. A good treatment system has to address all three.

Key informations on UNGASS available here.

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UNGASS mid-week update



By Mulka Nisic