Voice of Recovered Users Gets Stronger In Vienna, says RUN Chairman Boro Goic

Voice of Recovered Users Gets Stronger In Vienna, says RUN Chairman Boro Goic

A summary of the CND from our Board Member and Chair of RUN, Boro Goic

Added: 23rd March 2015

By: Boro Goic

Voice of recovered addicts is growing stronger

This year UN CND conference was held n Vienna, from 9th till 17th of March. During conference RUN was a co-sponsor of a side event called ‘’Recovery: Policies, Research and grass root voices’’.

With sponsorship from San Patrignano and support from the Home Office from the UK, EURAD, members of RUN (RIO -Norway, Croatia -Stijena, Ex-cons -Sweden, San Patrignano-Italy) as well as WFAD, the event served to show that recovery is not just a personal issue, but also a process that can be facilitated through drug policies.  

Also, during the plenary sessions related to drug demand reduction, I addressed the plenary with a speech from the floor calling on governments to pay more attention to recovery oriented systems of care (ROSC), networks of formal (e.g. treatment) and informal (peer to peer) services in the community which are needed to support people meet changing needs as recovery folds. Within this, I mentionned the very important objective of the ROSC is to enhance recovery capital, internal (mental health, self esteem, resilience) and external resources (e.g. family support, peer support network, that a person can bring to bear on the initiation and maintenance of recovery.

During this year's CND, the new Civil Society Task Force was presented, where I will present RUN and be a representative of affected population of recovered users in this important UN global drug policy review. In that process we all have a same goal, to present standpoint of recovered users from all over the world, in preparation for UNGASS 2016, where we want to achieve another higher visibility and lead a change with decision makers.

It’s important to mention an additional side event which was organized by Croatian Office for Combating Drug Abuse during the CND this year. They presented a program of reintegration of recovered addicts, visualized through a documentary about former addict which is now employed in our member association from Croatia Stijena. By her example and engagement she confirms that recovery from addiction is possible.

RUN has increasing support through the various civil umbrella organizations such as WFAD, IOGT, ACTIVE but also of governmental institutions that deal with this problem in USA, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Italy etc.

This activity is the completion of our vision of RUN, for which we want to be active at the political level.

After a successful CND conference we are preparing a meeting for all members of the RUN and our supporters, where we will consider further activities, which will take place at one of our local members organization. You will be notified about the exact date and place of the meeting.

Voice of Recovered Users Gets Stronger In Vienna, says RUN Chairman Boro Goic

The RUN event held on Tuesday 10th March 2015, at the United Nations, Vienna