EURAD Completes Media, Drug Prevention and EU Drug Policy Seminars

EURAD recently completed an epiosode of training events in Brussels and Amsterdam.

EURAD Affiliates across Europe have gathered for updates on Drug Prevention and EU Drug Policy, as part of a EU funded programme, sponsored through the Drug Information and Prevention Programme.

The first two workshops took place with EURAD Netherlands affiliates in Amsterdam on Saturday 3rd November, where workshops on EU Drug Policy and Drug Prevention Standards were hosted. Delegates from EURAD affiliate organisations in The Netherlands attended as well as partners from Norway and Belgium. The training was an opportunity for affiliates to learn about the EU Drug Prevention Standards as well as the role of the EU Drug Strategy. Not only were delegates able to review the progress of the last one but they had the opportunity to learn about the future EU Drug Strategy, which will begin in 2013. Delegates investigated how civil society organisations can help implement the strategy locally and advocate its' use on a national basis.

Last week at EURAD's Brussels offices, EURAD hosted a range of media, policy and prevention seminars. EURAD affiliates from Bosnia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands attended the sessions, which took place in conjunction with US based CADFY, Californians for a Drug-Free Youth. CADFY, is a non-profit organization working in collaboration with other agencies and organizations to bring parents, youth, schools, and communities together to reduce substance abuse through the application of successful prevention strategies and programs. This provided EURAD affiliates with an opportunity to learn about building successful drug prevention coalitions in their communities, as well as providing the US partners with an opportunity to learn from the wealth of experience from Europe on drug prevention and drug policy. Notably, CADFY were interested to learn about the role of the EMCDDA and whether it would be possible to standardise and compare datasets across the continents, so that we could further strenghten intelligence and knowledge in regard to drug use.

The next seminars to be co-sponsored by EURAD and the European Commission's Drug Prevention and Information programme will take place next week at the EUSPR Conference in Krakow, Poland.

The above seminars have been co-financed by the European Commission's Drug Prevention & Information Programme.

EURAD Completes Media, Drug Prevention and EU Drug Policy Seminars