EURAD sponsors EUSPR Conference 2012

The conference takes place 6&7th December 2012 in Krakow, Poland. Places are still available.

Several health related behaviours share common risk factors and comprehensive programmes could be effective by addressing them together.

Health services have tended to overlook the potential for prevention to intervene between the emergence of problems or vulnerabilities early in life and manifestations, for example, violence and aggression, criminality, risky sexual behaviour, obesity, mental health illness and substance use related problems later in life.

This year’s EUSPR conference focuses on the identification of such common factors implicated in several risk behaviours, and on the beneficial effects that prevention programmes or policies can have on multiple outcomes.

In a time where European prevention funding is being reduced, or is increasingly being merged into other more general health and wellbeing streams, the conference aims to highlight the importance of prevention work and promote research on interventions with multiple behavioural and mental health outcomes.

There are still places available and on the day registration is possible. For more information, go to the European Society for Prevention Research website.

Through funding received from the European Commission to EURAD, part of this conference will be co-financed by the European Commission's Drug Prevention & Information Programme.


EURAD sponsors EUSPR Conference 2012