Event: New methodological tools for drug policy and programme evaluation

This event will take place in Lisbon from 7th-8th February 2013.

Final Conference of the project New Methodological tools for policy and programme evaluation.

LISBON, 7-8 February 2013, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Cais do Sodré


Thursday 7th February 2013

14.30-15 Registration

15-15.30 Welcome

15.30-16.45 Report from Workstream 1, invited speaker Dr. Paul Dargan

16.45-17.15 Coffee break

17.15-18.30 Report from Workstream 5, invited speaker Margriet Van Laar

18.30- 19.15 presentation of the three books published in the framework of the project

19.15 Welcome cocktail


Friday 8th February 2013

9-10.15 Report from Workstream 2, invited speaker to be confirmed

10.15-11.30 Report from Workstream 4, invited speaker Prof. Peter Reuter

11.30-12 Coffee break

12-13.15 Report from Workstream 3, invited speaker Prof. Paul Turnbull

13.15-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.15 Report from Workstream 7, invited speaker Dr. Brendan Hughes

15-15-16.30 Report from Workstream 6, invited speaker to be confirmed

16.30-17 Coffee break

17-18.30 Discussion and ideas for further development

18.30 Farewell cocktail


The projects concerns the topics below:


Analysis of consumption and behavioural characteristics of consumers.

Analysis of the supply chain and its criminal enterprise.

European policies aimed at reducing the demand and harms from drug abuse. International Comparison.

A compared assessment of European supply-control policies and interventions.

Development of models to estimate consumption and supply of drugs.

Evaluation of the economic impact of illicit drug market.

Development of comprehensive indicators to evaluate policies and programs under health damages and treatments and under crime reduction.


For any further information please contact Carla Pietrini


++39 0672596100.