First International Congress on Drugs & Dependencies

This conference will address the question of: What if the role of treatment, prevention and enforcement? and will take place outside of Lisbon, Portugal from 23rd-25th May 2013.

The ISCE – Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas in Portugal and the Centre for Drug Misuse Research in Scotland are co-hosting an International Congress on the theme: ”Drugs and Addictions: What is the role of Treatment Prevention and Enforcement?”

The main goals of this event are the following: To promote a wider debate and a reflection based on validated scientific knowledge, as well as present successful experiences adapted to our social realities. Thus, we aim to extend the sustained understanding of the complexities that drug addiction implies to society and individuals.

The Congress is designed for many segments of society, including Education, Sport Sciences and Exercise, Health and Justice Professionals, including teachers, psychologists, doctors, sociologists, social educators, social and cultural animators, social workers, and jurists.

EURAD will present a session to the conference delegates on drug use and the media.

More information on this conference is available in Portuguese here and as a PDF document below in English.

Download a filePortugalConference(6 9 6kb)