Testing the Waters: First Conference on Drug Wastewater Analysis

This will take place 6-8th May 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference ‘Testing the waters: first international multidisciplinary conference on detecting illicit drugs in wastewater’ will be the first ever international conference to focus solely on the fast-growing scientific field known as ‘wastewater sampling for drugs’, ‘drug wastewater analysis’, or ‘drug sewage epidemiology’. Put simply, this is a new discipline with exciting potential for monitoring population-level trends in illicit drug consumption and for assessing the efficacy of drug control interventions.

The conference will review the ‘state of the art’ in this emerging discipline, providing an opportunity to present latest research findings, methodological developments and new applications. This multidisciplinary event will bring together for the first time international experts working in relevant fields which include: drug epidemiology, pharmacokinetics, statistics, forensic science, analytical chemistry and environmental engineering.

The deadline for registration is 2 April 2013. Registration forms can be submitted below.

The Conference is free to attend but places are limited.

Registration can be found here.

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