WFAD Conference 2012 Overview

A selection of videos from the WFAD Conference 2012!

The UK's balanced approach to drug policy

Gus Jaspert, Drug Unit, Home Office, UK presents on how the UK is tackling drug use with a balanced approach and how the public is on-side with reducing the normalisation of drug use.

Interestingly, Gus's presentation at the conference earlier in May co-incides with the recent results from the European School Survey, which shows declines in drug use among young people in the UK.

His speech is available to download below.

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 Dr Kevin Sabet on a Balanced Drug Policy

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Yury Fedetov, Executive Director at UNODC Addresses The Conference

Watch the video of Yury Fedetov's presentation here.


Scottish Drugs Researcher Receives Top Award from the “World Federation Against Drugs” Meeting Today in Stockholm

At a meeting of the World Forum Against Drugs, attended by over 250 of the world’s drug addiction experts and opened by Queen Silvia of Sweden, Scottish addictions researcher Dr Neil McKeganey was presented with the Nils Bejerot Award for his contribution to research and policy in tackling the problem of illegal drugs. The previous holder of this award was Dr Antonio Maria Costa, Head of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. This respected award was set up to recognise those who have made a unique contribution to the development of policy in relation to tackling the use of illegal drugs. The award is named after Professor Nils Bejerot, the architect of Sweden’s zero-tolerance drug policy.

In making the award Per Johansson, Sweden commented “Like Nils Bejerot, Professor McKeganey bases his views on his direct experience with drug users and on careful original studies of drug users. His understanding of drug policy springs from these direct experiences”

Neil McKeganey set up the Centre for Drug Misuse Research at the University of Glasgow in 1994. The Centre closed at the University in 2011 following budget cuts and now operates as an independent research unit based in Glasgow with links to a number of Universities in Scotland and England. Dr Neil McKeganey is one of the most original writers on the topic of illegal drugs in the UK today with his research receiving international acclaim. Over the last twenty years his research has had a profound influence on drug policy and has helped shape the political priority that is now being given in Scotland and England to ensuring that drug treatment services are working to enable drug users to become drug free.

In accepting this award Neil McKeganey commented “anybody writing about the topic of illegal drugs runs the risk of upsetting many established opinions and strongly held beliefs. Drug abuse, however, is one of the major social challenges that we face today and is perhaps without equal in its capacity to claim the lives of individuals, to pull families apart, to destroy communities and to corrupt the economic and political systems of countries around the world. In my writing I have tried to be as clear as possible about both our successes and our failures, to tell truth to power and to encourage organisations and governments to do more in meeting the challenge of illegal drugs”.