WFAD Conference 2014

The 4th World Forum Against Drugs will be held in Stockholm, Sweden May 19-20, 2014.

The World Forum Against Drugs is a biennial arena for exchanging knowledge and experience, an arena to describe new research and to inspire to new methods of prevention. It is a meeting place for people around the world who work to prevent drug abuse through grassroots efforts, on a voluntary basis, professionally or as policymakers.

The Forum is made possible due to support from the Government of Sweden and the City of Stockholm.

The 4th World Forum Against Drugs will be held in Stockholm, Sweden May 19-20, 2014.

The 4th Forum will be held at the same time as the European Cities Against Drugs’ Mayors’ conference. This will enable us to do a bigger event, attract more people and also attract the best possible speakers. Parts of the conferences will be coordinated and hence be a huge manifestation for the UN Conventions and against legalization.

However, the number of WFAD delegates is limited to 300. We urge you to spread the word and register early.

The Forum will focus on three themes:

Ø Cannabis: Politicians and researchers from the Americas will present and debate issues related to legalization of drugs, and potential consequences.

Ø Gender: Some seminars will focus on gender-related differences and similarities.

Ø Drug treatment and the criminal justice system working together


Registration opens early 2014. Registration fee: 1 200 SEK for WFAD members, 1 500 SEK for non-members. Paid fee includes lunches and refreshments during the conference.

Abstract submission

It is possible to send in abstracts until January 31. Please submit the following:

§ Title

§ Author name(s)

§ Institution, country

§ Contact details

§ Abstract of maximum 250 words

§ If you want to have an oral presentation or a poster.


Please note that the space for presentation is limited. The abstract shall be sent to Decision will be taken before the end of February.


It is possible for member organizations to apply for grants to enable organizations to be present at the Forum. Please send in your application no later than January 31, 2014. Please include the following:

§ Name of organization

§ Name(s) of person(s) applying

§ Size of grant you are applying for

§ How you plan to use the information gained at the Forum

§ What you can contribute with at the Forum

The possibility for grants is limited. Our aim is to help as many of our member organizations as possible to come to Stockholm, so please try to find additional means to finance your participation (also so that we can help more people with a smaller amount each).

Send your application to

Decision will be taken before the end of February.

Please also note that the Congress of WFAD will be held in connection to the Forum, the announcement with detailed information is available here.