Join us at Recovery Plus Conference

Join us at Recovery Plus Conference

Celebrate World Drug Day with the UK and Europe’s leading conference on how to recover from addiction! In partnership with UKESAD and ICAA the Recovery Plus Conference will take place on 25 and 26 June 2018 in Tower Hotel, London.

The conference is the biggest recovery event of this kind and gathers the most eminent experts from the field. It is organized and hosted by one of the most respected ladies of the addiction/recovery field Deirdre Boyd of Recovery Resources.

Deirdre's team say:

Save time, save lives… You will learn more from this intense fully-rounded ‘crash course’ in how to recover from addiction than you could from months of research. Our expert presenters cover topics ranging from the basics to neuroscience to mutual-aid groups, from factors influencing the elderly to youngsters, LGBT, BME and much more. Join us for quality training in a quality environment! Break the intergenerational chain: accelerate addicts into recovery.

Families often reach ‘rock bottom’ before the addict does, and they are first to recognise addictive behaviours.

Research also shows that, the longer people go without treatment, the harder it is to start the process of recovery.

At Interventions Plus, you can learn solutions from established, expert interventionists  simultaneously strengthening your support network.

Start collecting your CIP (Certified Intervention Professional) education credits/hours to be formally accredited.

The preliminary programme  and an impressive portfolio of worldclass speakers are available now, but will be regularly updated with additional expert presenters.

To register follow the link.

We are looking forward to seeing you in London.