What is RUN?

What is RUN?

RUN is an initiative established by the European platform Europe against Drugs, drug rehabilitation community San Patrignano (Italy), Celebrate Recovery (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Izlazak/Exodus (Serbia).

The vision of RUN will be to raise the voice of the recovery movement, by contributing to constructive and respectful drug policies, for individuals, families and communities. The mission of RUN is to be a network which provides a voice for recovered drug users to promote and share experience of recovery, on both the political and practical level.

On the political level, RUN will:

• Seek to give a political voice to recovered drug users and their organisations

• Advocate for recovery-oriented policies in International, European and national political forums

• Demonstrate how recovery can counteract the wider harm caused by drug use to individuals, families and communities

On the practical level, RUN will:

• Provide a platform for recovered users to become advocates showing that recovery is possible

• Promote the social integration of recovered drug users in areas such as employment, housing and health

• Promote recovery as a viable and sustainable option, for both the individual and for society

• Exchange experiences across organisations which lead to better programmes for recovering and recovered drug users


Get Involved:

E-mail run@eurad.net to become a member (no cost) and to be updated on our activities.