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“Life in Recovery” Research – invitation to recovery orgaisations to take part

by eurad

You are in Recovery? Or are you a Recovery Organisation working with people in recovery? Are you based in Sweden, The UK, or the Balkans?

Please take part in the Life in Recovery Research!

EURAD is a European non profit drug policy network that advocates for prevention, treatment and recovery oriented drug policies at the national and international level. Furthermore, we urge organisations, institutions and the general public to address stigma around addiction and recovery and invest in aftercare and social re-integration. This has been part of our initiatives leading up to the UNGASS on Drugs 2016 and High Level Ministerial Meeting in 2019.

We would like to invite all people in recovery and recovery organisations from the Balkans, Sweden, and the UK to participate in the  “Life in Recovery” (LiR) Research and contribute to the new research on recovery.

This research was created to gather data and life experiences of people who have reduced or stopped drug use and aims to show how overcoming drug use has changed the lives of both those in recovery and people around them. It will also assess recovery capital, stigma and community response to gain a substantive understanding of pathways to recovery.

If you are in recovery, please fill out the questionnaire and share the link in your networks and among people in recovery. Every voice counts!

Life in Recovery Sweden

Life in Recovery UK

Life in Recovery Balkans

Why should you participate?

Your input is very valuable and can help people with similar experiences as well as people who are still addicted to drugs. Also, your experiences can contribute to the creation of scientific evidence about recovery and the stigma that accompanies it, and can help us influence decision makers in the field of addiction and recovery, with the goal of meeting the needs of people in recovery to a greater extent. The research results will be available to all participants and can be used in advocacy and represent the current developments and evidence  in this area.

Who can complete the questionnaire?

Anyone who lives in Swede, the UK and Balkan countries and considers themselves to be “in recovery” can fill out the questionnaires available at the links above. Being in recovery means that you have not used drugs problematically for at least 3 months or more. You can fill out the questionnaire only if you are over 18 years old.

Confidentiality: Are there any risks associated with participating in research and what happens to my data?

We do not collect your IP addresses. Your email address and questionnaire will be stored separately. If you leave the questionnaire before completion, your data will not be saved. If you want to go back, you will be taken back to the beginning.

The information you provide for research purposes will be processed to ensure your anonymity and protect your identity. Your contact information and answers to the questionnaire will be stored separately and only the research team will have access to your contact information, which you can leave at the end of the questionnaire, if you wish to participate in the next stages of the research. If you wish, we can inform you about the results of the research.

It will take you about 10-15 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, and you can withdraw the data you provided within 3 months after filling out the online questionnaire.

Please take the time to contribute to this important research and share the links among your networks!

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