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On the members area, you can:

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– Contribute to our Business Plan

– Contribute to our live Policy Consultations!

– Read and contribute to our new publications, before they are published!

– See who is currently applying to be a member!

– Find out about funding opportunities for your organisation!

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EURAD is first and foremost a network of its’ member organisations.

EURAD is one of the only, if not the only, EU focused drug policy foundation advocating in the fields of both drug prevention and recovery oriented treatment. If you subscribe to our general approach, then you may want to consider becoming a member or sponsor of EURAD.

Member Opportunities: EURAD promotes a recovery and prevention oriented drug policy at international level such as at EU and UN level and will consult you on relevant opportunities where your organisation can become more actively involved. Examples include: responding to national, EU and International Consultations; involvement in EU Projects; representing your organisation to EU institutions and taking part in EURAD Working Groups. On a political level, you may be interested in representing the wider members of EURAD in EU forums or at the United Nations.

Our Communication with you: Although a large network, EURAD has a small core team who are responsible for the day to day operational management of the network. Therefore, our main methods of communication will be via e-newsletters, facebook and twitter. Members will also be able to access our intranet, which facilitates communication between our various members.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the EURAD website and social media sites.

Face to Face: The EURAD Board meets regularly face to face and wider members can meet formally once per year at the Annual General Meeting. There are also other informal opportunities to meet during the year; such as during EURAD events, at the UN’s Commission of Narcotic Drugs in Vienna each March or during country-specific events. The EURAD board can be co-opted to talk at national events, following a request from a member organisation.


Find out more about the joining process.

Criteria for Member Organisations:

  • The applicant must be a legally constituted organisation or network
  • The applicant fully supports and embraces EURAD’s Mission and Policy Approach
  • The applicant supports measures to prevent and reduce drug use as well as the harms caused by drug use
  • The applicant has a proven track record of expertise in drug prevention, treatment, rehabilitation or another relevant area
  • The applicant has a reputation and/or willingness for constructive engagement with policymakers
  • The applicant commits itself to playing an active role in the work of EURAD, offering resources in support of the EURAD work plan
  • The applicant undertakes to respond promptly to all communications regarding the operation of EURAD
  • The applicant agrees not to bring EURAD into disrepute

New members are accepted by the board of EURAD after they have completed an assessment and are satisfied that the new member meets the above criteria.

Membership Criteria for Individual Members:

  • The applicant fully supports and embraces EURAD’s Mission and Policy Approach
  • The applicant has a track record in a field relevant to EURAD, such as in drug prevention, treatment, rehabilitation or another relevant area
  • The applicant agrees not to bring EURAD into disrepute
  • The applicant agrees to disseminate the information it receives from EURAD through any email lists or publications that it manages

Please note, individual members do not have voting powers during EURAD meetings.

Application Form:

If you would like to join EURAD, please complete the below application form and send to eurad@eurad.net


EURAD relies on membership fees to fund its’ activities.

EURAD is reliant on contribution from its’ affiliates to cover the expenses of the organisation.

The minimum donation by members is:

  • 50 euros for individuals or organisations with a budget of less than 1000 euros
  • 100 euros for organisations with a budget of less than 100,000 euros
  • 250 euros for organisations with a budget of more than 100,000 euros but less than 250,000 euros
  • 500 euros for organisations of more than 250,000 euros / statutory organisations / organisations who receive governmental funds

These donations are used to cover the price of running the website, time spent responding to drug related consultations, representation at appropriate drug related meetings, board meeting expenses and the rental and accommodation costs for office space in Brussels (which can be used for free by EURAD affiliates).

Larger donations are of course welcomed.

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