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Celebrating 50 years of drug-free therapeutic communities in the Netherlands 

by eurad

In 1972 the Dutch psychiatrist, Martien Kooyman, founded Emiliehoeve – the first drug-free therapeutic community in the Netherlands. Since then he has worked to promote treatment and recovery, both as a therapist and as an advocate. Martien also served as Vice-chair of the EURAD board until 2017. 

In 2012 Emiliehoeve was closed down due to cost savings in the Dutch health services. Long term treatment in therapeutic communities was deemed too expensive. In 2014 the normal duration of admission was reduced to three months.  

In December 2014 Martien and some of his associates founded the De Stam Foundation to set up a new programme based on the philosophy of Emiliehoeve. Since then Martien served as the chairman of the board of De Stam, as well as continuing to practice as a psychaiatrist. 

Martien is now stepping down as chairman of the board of supervisers, but will remain on the board of the Friends Association of De Stam. 

To honor Martien’s work the Friends Association organized a festive gathering on 8 May and published a special issue of their magazine De Vriend, that covers Martien’s long career and commitment to drug treatment and recovery. 

 The special issue of the De VRiend magazine is available on the link below:

De Vriend – 50 jaar TG’s in NL – voorjaar 2022_compressed.


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