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Join us for the side-even on stigma at the 65th Session of the Commission of Narcotics Drugs

by eurad

65th  Session of the Commission of Narcotics Drugs will take place from 14th -18th March 2022 in a hybrid way.  Like previous year, all side-events will be held online this year as well.

On the 18th March, at 12:15 CET, EURAD is co-organising the side-event People in recovery and stigma. Barriers and strengths in their pathways hosted by San Patrignano, to highlight the importance of addressing stigma and self-stigma of people in recovery.

People in recovery face many challenges, especially at the early stages of recovery: they are cautiously exploring their ‘new’ identity, but often find it very difficult to obtain a role and find their place in society. Despite the many efforts they have made and are still making, they are not welcomed and recognised, but often stigmatised and kept on the margins of society to the extent that in their self-help groups anonymity is required to avoid further stigmatisation. They may also experience self-stigma; they feel unworthy of help and consequently exclude themselves from access to services: being stigmatised and rejected can only make their condition worse.

This stigmatisation disproportionately affects women, as it often does, preventing them from accessing support and openly seeking opportunities for treatment and social reintegration. It is essential to support people in their recovery process and their families to create a substantial change in culture, based on solidarity and mutual respect, and to transfer these changes into appropriate policies at any level that can provide adequate responses to these needs.

In this panel speakers from all over the world, with different and significant backgrounds, will present lived experiences and studies concerning stigma and social inclusion of people in recovery, analysing what kind of interventions can really support people in their path to recovery all over the world.

Join us for this important event and register here!

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